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The stages of growing tomatoes


    Seed selection with growers early February

    Seeds are sown, and plants begin to develop in the nursery after February 15th

    The soil is prepared, agricultural equipment is installed and drip irrigation equipment is set up by the grower for the irrigation and nutrition of the plants.

    Plants are delivered to the grower and replanted in open fields between April 10th and June 15th. This range of planting dates allows each field to be harvested at full maturity

    Agricultural management of the crops is carried out in open fields by the grower (irrigation, fertilisation, treatments) under daily supervision by Provence Tomates

    Harvesting is 100 % carried out by machine between July 25th and September 30th, according to a pre-established schedule. This means that a time-span of less than 12 hours can be guaranteed between the harvest and the factory gate. With sorting carried out be hand and by colorimetric techniques, foreign bodies can be evacuated, as well as green fruit or overripe fruit, prior to delivery to the processing plant

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