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Results of our policy in terms of quality

At an agricultural level:

The quality of the fresh tomatoes is guaranteed by carefully selected harvest dates.

* The fruit is strictly controlled and a policy has been drawn up to improve quality in cooperation with growers thanks to our automatic grading station, which is unique in France.

* 3 CCP have been identified in the context of our HACCP certification procedure.

* An IFS/BRC pre-audit was carried out in August so as to obtain certification for the 2010 season.

* Our evaporation process under vacuum is an effective method to ensure that the temperature of 65°C is not exceeded for low concentration products, and 70°C for tomato paste in the evaporator. This performance makes it possible to manufacture products with very high organoleptic qualities: taste, aroma, colour and shine.

* 100% of the microbiological analyses (240) throughout the season comply with standards.










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