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Results of our commitment to sustainable development

* Our active implication in the development of the local area is expressed in the employment of local employees and the use of locally sub-contracted services.

* A heavy commitment to the training of our employees and partner growers.

* 250 000 litres of diesel fuel saved over our French customer-base as a whole, compared with the sourcing of supplies from a Spanish factory.

* The quality of our wastewater has been observed by the “Agence de l’Eau” water agency, with an organic matter DCO level below 25 mg./l (the maximum level standard is 80).

* Gas consumption is approximately 15% lower than traditional factories.

* We run a system that is unique in Europe for reducing plant-health inputs in collaboration with the relevant interbranch organisation.

- Basic data: 138 inputs allowed in France (315 in Spain)

- Our growers only use 35 of those products, with a further reduction currently being negotiated.

* 1 500 tonnes of sludge extracted by the waste treatment plant processed into agricultural compost.

* 2 000 tonnes of pomace (skin, seeds) used as fodder for Camargue cattle.

* Other progressive innovations:

- Out-of-season use of the waste treatment plant and of the furnaces by other companies.

- Installation of 14 000 m² of solar panels on the roof (01/2010 planning permission).




















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