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    Our pre-processing traceability procedure presents the following advantages

    Guaranteed traceability
    Easy to apply by growers
    An industry-wide joint approach: nursery specialist, grower and processor
    Responsible agriculture that cares for the environment
    An approach that ensures sustained quality
    A traceability programme that is up and running

    Nursery operators follow a clear remit; regular audits and weekly supervision of plant-health treatments from seeding to farm delivery.


    GPS geo-localisation of plots, more generally a detailed geographical information system that can be followed on Google-Earth.


    A charter for quality and good agricultural practices signed by our tomato suppliers.
    A unique database collection of samples taken from each plot and kept in cold storage for 2 years.

    A computerised system for following the cultivation process in real-time on each plot, providing the following information:

    • The stage of cultivation
    • The input applied, the method of application, the dosage and the reason for the treatment
    • Irrigation (100% drip)
    • Centralised traceability data relating to contracted crops

    Early warning system and assistance for decision-making for growers, so as to reduce inputs and optimise irrigation.

    • Weather observation for the area surrounding the crops
    • Field sensors to report on humidity levels in the soil
    • Systems to disseminate information and provide technical advice for growers, as well as networking facilities

    Post-harvest analysis tools allow the following:

    • Improved cultivation techniques for an optimised use of plant-health inputs (nutritional inputs and treatments if required)
    • A selection of the varieties that are best suited to regional weather constraints and to industrial requirements.

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